The Sept are the chief deities of the civilized world, and exist as their own pantheon; their priesthoods work together as the Church of the Sept.

The original seven gods of the Sept at the time of Revelation have since been supplemented by a large number of lesser gods and saints who were added to the canon by the Church.

Companions are figures known to have worked alongside the Sept during the Revelation.  A Companion is not necessarily a god or saint, but many are.

Founders are the blood descendants of the Sept who were active during the Golden Age.  Many noble families trace their lineage to one or more Founders.

Saints are figures of any age who have been deemed worthy of veneration by the Church.

Gods of the Sept are listed below.  Note that this may not be a complete list relative to the lesser deities.

Varr – Lord of Storms, Master of Magics.

Dor – Warrior-God of death and glory.

Mon – the Earth-God, the King Below.

Pyr – Queen of Twilight.

Sanshi – Mistress of Mysteries, the Dream-Queen.

Bajal – the Sun-God, the Heavenly Crusader.

Mazh – the Masked God.


Akhi – King of Fire.  Respected highly amongst the cult of Sanshi, but lesser-known elsewhere.  It is generally accepted that several other 'fire cults' around the world may be involved with a facet of Akhi.

Sefni – Goddess of the Green.

(Saint) Bastion – Lord of Animals, King of Cats.  Although veneration of Bastion as a saint is ancient, there is some debate amongst theologians as to whether he should be counted amongst the major gods.  Partisans of Bastion – the catfolk, for one – disagree vocally.

Rorily – The Luck-binder,  Patron of gnomes.

Zakut – "the White Bull", patron of the Ansari.  Usually associated with Bajal cults outside of Ansar.



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