Old Amrik

Old Amrik – properly the Kingdom of Amrik – has faded greatly in the past centuries.  Once a mighty empire, it has now been reduced to large kingdom struggling to maintain its wealth and borders.  Old Amrik once incorporated the areas now called Ryx and Karlyne, but they long ago won their independence, and are now rivals to their erstwhile master.

The modern borders of Old Amrik run from the City of the Bell in the north to the edge of Karlyne in the south; and from the eastern coast (Al Marfa) all the way, ostensibly, to the Great River.  In point of fact, however, the writ of Amriki law does not extend so far west.

Old Amrik is ruled by a hereditary monarch who holds no permanent court, but travels throughout the land according to season.  This arrangement is a result of ancient treaty, whereby no one region would be over-empowered by the permanent presence of the king.

The nation still maintains a modicum of power by virtue of its location on trade routes and natural resources, but is clearly being outshined by Ryx and Karlyne, which are on the upswing.  In addition, the rise of theskyship as a more common mode of transportation is making the roads of Old Amrik, with their heavy tariffs, less appealing to the merchant houses.  Old Amrik still controls a number of important railway routes, however, which, in addition to moving freight, keep the Amriki army fairly mobile.

Old Amrik has a large and fairly powerful army, and an enviable navy as well.  However, the military philosophy of Old Amrik for the past few generations has favored large numbers over innovation.  The Amriki armada is large and strong, but is susceptible to being outmaneuvered by newer, faster craft, or outgunned by a navy which places warmages on all its battleships, for example.

The flag of the Kingdom of Amrik is halved red on the top, white on the bottom, with three five-pointed blue stars in the center.

Old Amrik

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