House Rules

Sept Saga will be using the Pathfinder ruleset with minor modifications.  You probably do not have a copy of the rulebook.  That's fine; you can take a look at the Pathfinder SRD online.  If you do have a copy, please bring it with you to each game session.  Spellcasters will be getting crib sheets detailing their available spells to minimize flipping through books during game.

 The rule of thumb is: if it isn't in a core book, it needs prior approval.  However, much of the material in sourcebooks (including, but not limited to, the Complete series) will be usable as the game progresses; however, I want to start the campaign as simply as possible, with just the PFRPG book.

This page will be updated as we go.



If you can't make it to a session, please let us know in advance as much as possible.  We will absolutely play a man down.  We will likely play two men down.  Depending on what's going on in-game at the time, we might even play three people down if we know in advance.  Part of 'old-school' means the game chugs forward, even when you're not there. :)


What Do I Bring To Game?

Your rulebooks you'll be using, if you own them.

Pencil, some scratch paper if possible. 

Your copy of your character sheet.


Handouts you've been issued, especially if they list your spells, etc.

Please check the list before each game to scout out food plans, if any.



Genre and 'Feel'

Previous games we've played have been rather cinematic in outlook; while Sept Saga will contain some cinematic action, I'm trying to preserve more 'old-school' feel in this campaign, which means some things we're accustomed to in our gaming group are out the window.

Your PC can certainly get killed in this game.  I will not save your PC should that happen.  Your fellows, of course, can try to get you resurrected etc.  But nobody has a narrative force-field keeping them alive, ever.

Although there is "plot" going on in the background, it's not intrinsically centered on your PCs.  This will be more 'sandbox' than anything we've previously done.  As a courtesy, I'll ask ahead of time about where you guys are headed (literally and metaphorically) for prep purposes.

There are no 'episodes'.  We get done what we get done each session.  There may, of course, still be cliffhangers and story-arcs and such, but the construct of these will be more organic and less imposed than in Low Disguises.

Although D&D can be a high fantasy game, part of the 'old-school' feel is a certain 'realism' (note the quotes there) at the lower levels.  That means actually keeping track of money and equipment.  Mapping is part of the fun.  No, seriously!


Character Creation

During character creation, please consult the pages on PC Races and PC Classes to see what's allowed by default, and view any setting-specific notes.

Stat-rolling will be 4d6-drop the lowest six times, then arrange.  (Three cheers for old-school!  Or older-school than 'point buy', anyway.)  If you are concerned about randomly rolled stats, please consider the possibility that new-school games have mollycoddled you for a decade or more. :)

Initial characters will begin at 1st level.  As we go on, we will implement a character-tree system that will allow for some switching back and forth between multiple characters (ie, two) per player. (See character tree)

Replacement characters will begin at the same level as the designated average level, or the level of your other/last PC, whichever is lower.  In other words, if you miss some sessions and are behind a level, you can't kill off your PC just to replace him with a character at the same level as everyone else.

Initial characters may not be 'monstrous' characters or any race with level-adjustment.



Contrary to our previous (BESMd20) campaign, we will be using Attacks of Opportunity and associated feats in this campaign.

Although we will not use a battlemat/tiles for every combat, we will occasionally do so.  It will be helpful if you have a miniature (metal, plastic, paper) or token to represent your PC; if not, I can find something for you.  Otherwise your elven princess might be a filth-covered goblin, and nobody wants that.


XP, Brownie Points, and the like

XP will be issued at the end of most sessions; if we're mid-combat or something, XP might come at the end of the next session.  Levelling up may be done on your own if you're confident about it and have the resources to do so.  I will check your sheet post-levelling.

Do not expect all characters to have the same XP.  Not only will the eventual character tree rules mess with this, in an old-school game good players get extra bonus XP for brilliant ideas, extra hard work, great roleplay, and the like.

Opportunities will be provided to earn extra XP for things like:

* artwork (this includes mapping duty, a special model, etc)

* campaign journals etc

* downtime scenes for off-camera characters when appropriate

* good wiki/mailing list contributions

House Rules

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