"Feykinder" is a catchall term used by sages and commoners alike.  While many humans may have trace amounts of fey blood coursing in their veins, the feykinder are those who have majority fey ancestry, yet are native to Earth (as opposed to full-blooded fey who have, for generations, dwelt in otherworldly domains and are suffused with that native magic energy).

In common parlance, the most familiar presentation of the feykinder type is known as the "elf" – human-sized, light of frame and fine of feature, and with characteristically pointed ears.  Although scholars debate about differing types of elves, their commonalities are far greater than their differences; elves trace most of their descent from the noble sidhe and nixies, who were the first to interbreed with humans (and had the easiest time doing so).  There is some phenotypic variance amongst elves; most notably, those with nixie heritage are often amphibious by nature.

A less well-known type of feykinder, generally living in more isolated areas and keeping to themselves, are called "gnomes".  Gnomes tend to be descended from ancient "cauldron-born" fey such as leprechauns. There are subgroups even amongst the gnomes – for example, there are those gnomes called uldra who have more than a bit of frost jinn in them.  The largest concentration of gnomes in the world is in the region surrounding the city-state of Zensay.

Although crossbreeds between humans and such fey as pixies has been known, they are highly unusual.


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