City of the Bell

The City of the Bell – sometimes just called "Bell" by locals – sits at the northernmost edge of the territory actually controlled by the writ of Old Amrik law.  As such, it has become a military garrison, with a complex sytem of walls and other defenses on the land, and constant riverine naval patrols.  Although the court of the King of Old Amrik is a travelling court, he maintains a residence in Bell and the city is rapidly becoming the de facto capital, despite the fact that by ancient treaty Old Amrik has no permanent capital.

Several brigades of Old Amrik troops (soldiers and sailors) are stationed in and around Bell, and they are supplemented by the Margraves Own, who act as the city's defense and police force (and fire brigade as well).

The City of the Bell is ruled by the Margrave of Al Marfa, who by tradition and heredity controls the region around the city as well (including the peninsula to the south), which is known as Al Marfa.  The Margrave is a direct vassal of the King of Old Amrik, and tends to be part of the King's inner circle.

Land and water trade are both strong in Bell, as it lies not only on a river leading to the sea, but also along the major north-south highway.

The city-flag of Bell is the same as that of the Margrave himself (and, indeed, all of Al-Marfa): a white churchbell with a golden thunderbolt, on a blue field.

City of the Bell

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