Church of the Sept

The Church of the Sept is a massive, world-spanning organization comprised of two parts: the Church itself, and the member cults which venerate one or more gods in particular.

Many people in civilized lands who live in more rural areas are only familiar with the overall Church, sometimes called the Church Inclusive.  Their nearest town may have a small one-room church watched over by one or two minor clerics.  This stands apart from the glorious cathedrals in large cities – which may have a staff of a dozen clerics, plus acolytes and lay-staff – as well as from a shrine or temple dedicated to a particular god or cult.

So too are there differing kinds of priests.  One may train as a general cleric of the Church Inclusive, but one may also train (either at the start, or through later acceptance of devotion) as a priest of a particular god or cult.  Generalist clerics outnumber those devoted to a single deity by a fair margin throughout most of the world.  While any cleric can expect a decent reception (and certain services) at a Church Inclusive facility, the reverse is not true.  A generalist cleric who stumbles, bloody and dazed, into a temple of Mazh may not find a warm reception at all.  It may help to think of general clerics as the regular priesthood, and cult-priests as members of specialist orders, who may have secrets all their own – and sometimes, goals which conflict with the public goals of the Church of the Sept.

Deities who gain a good reputation and following are sometimes admitted to the canon of the Church of the Sept by the vote of an Ecumenicon.  The following deities are recognized by the Church:

Varr, Dor, Mon, Pyr, Sanshi, Bajal, Mazh – the original seven members of the Sept at the time of Revelation

Sefni, Rorily, Bastion, Akhi, Aradoss – deities later accepted as part of the Sept, and recognized by the Church Inclusive (not a complete list – there are a handful of other gods and saints venerated by the Church, and scads more heterodox cults striving for legitimacy).


Other named Companions, Founders, and Saints are also approved for worship and veneration by the Church Inclusive – they are too numerous to name here.

Church of the Sept

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