The Catfolk are bipedal, sapient felines; the average catfolk stands about three feet tall, and they have four fingers and a (small) thumb just like humans, and can use tools and weapons.

As a species, they are remarkably successful, and can be found throughout the world.  In some areas, such as central Efriq, they live a more primitive village existence, but in centers of civilization (such as Torrent or the cities of Oro), catfolk can be seen hobnobbing on the streets, wearing the latest human fashions.

By ancient declaration of the Church of the Sept, catfolk have all the rights and responsibilities as humans, and to deny a catfolk the same rights as a man is a grievous sin.  In some nations, catfolk have served as royal advisors, members of parliament, and battlefield generals.  At no time in history has there been a large, organized catfolk nation-state, however.

Many catfolk have a natual talent for psionics, and even the smallest kitten displays a primitive telepathy (although some of them 'grow out of it' as they learn spoken language).  Not a few legendary catfolk of history are best known for their psychic ability.  For example, the reformed pirate Garius Clodio diVinchens, better known as Clodio Cutthroat,a boon companion to the Empress Romana, was a masterful telekinetic, said to have sundered an ironclad with the power of his mind alone.


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