Although Amrik is also the name of an extant country on the east coast of the western continent, most people refer to the entirety of the continent as Amrik a well.

For the nation known as Amrik, see Old Amrik.

Amrik, the region

The lands of the western continent vary greatly, including glaciers and ice in the far north, taiga and rolling snows around Torrent, to temperate forests and hills.

Torrent – the Shining City, the City of Storms.  Built by wizards in the Golden Age, Torrent remains a city of sorcery.

Ryx – the Grand Duchy of Ryx – once part of Amrik proper – has for centuries been an independent Duchy, and the rival of any kingdom.  Its location between Torrent and the cities of the coast – as well as a practiced tendency to remain neutral at all times – have made Ryx wealthy and stable.

Lands of the Mountain – not just the immense urban sprawl of The Mountain, but the associated lands around it which fall under the Mountain's protection.

Kingdom of Old Amrik – technically includes lands from north of the City of the Bell, west to the Great River, and south to the border of Karlyne.  Old Amrik is not the kingdom it once was, and has fallen greatly in general esteem.

City of the Bell – an east-coast Amrikan city which is the northernmost bastion of the waning military power of Old Amrik.

Bal Mora – a holy city on the eastern coast which provides quite a juxtaposition, in that, with the exception of the monuments and historical sites of the temple quarter, the city is a rotten den of thieves situated on ever-growing swampland.  Still, its location at the head of the bay and on trade routes keeps it afloat.

City of Bones – once the fair capital of Old Amrik, the marble vestiges of this ancient city have crumbled and been rebuilt a hundred times, but the stench of corruption and death remains.  Also known as the Bone-White City, it maintains the only large temple of the Misrian Cult in the western hemisphere.

Kingdom of Karlyne – a kingdom on the rise, having benefitted greatly from its contributions to the Southern Crusade, for which the royal house of Karlyne was awared many lands in Sooda.

Tehiko – while some will debate whether Tehiko counts as being part of the Amrikan continent, the northernmost baronies certainly are.  Tehiko is a wild and lawless land where a willing  blade and a determined heart can carve out a quick fortune, or an equally quick demise.


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