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  • Revelation

    The Revelation was the great time of change in the ancient past which remade the world; the period prior to the Revelation is known variously as the Darkest Age, the Time Before, or the Occultation.  The Occultation is viewed as a long-past time …

  • gods

    It's nigh-impossible for any citizen of the world to be an atheist in this age; the Gods are very real and very present, and their followers' divinely-granted powers cannot be doubted.

    The major gods are aligned in several associated …

  • false gods

    Previous to the [[Revelation]], the world was ruled by dark and oppressive beings who claimed to be true [[gods]]; in reality, they were extradimensionals of great power whose evil and selfish natures tainted the entire planet.  Some of them were …

  • Ecumenicon

    The Ecumenicons are periodic parliaments held by the [[Church of the Sept]], usually several months long, and called to answer theological questions.

     Generally, an Ecumenicon will produce one or more treatises addressing the metaphysical …

  • Church of the Sept

    The Church of the Sept is a massive, world-spanning organization comprised of two parts: the Church itself, and the member [[cults]] which venerate one or more [[gods]] in particular.

    Many people in civilized lands who live in more rural areas …

  • Sept

    The Sept are the chief deities of the civilized world, and exist as their own pantheon; their priesthoods work together as the [[Church of the Sept]].

    The original seven gods of the Sept at the time of [[Revelation]] have since been supplemented …

  • cults

    A cult may range from the (approved) special veneration of a particular deity, to the organized worship of demons and [[false gods]].  Its use in this guidebook is connotation-neutral.

    [[Holy Orders]] are quite common in the [[Church of the …

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  • Condemnation of the Infernal

    The Condemnation of the Infernal is both the common name of the gathered Ecumenicon of 4919AR and a name sometimes given to the collection of theological treatises produced by that convention.

    The rising infernal presences in the kingdoms south …