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  • Geography

    A general Geographic index, broken down by continent, region, etc.

    Western Hemisphere Regions





    & …

  • Torrent

    The city-state of Torrent, called 'The Shining City', stands as the jewel of the north amidst the snowy clime of northern Amrik.  Founded by [[Caral Frostraven]] during the [[Golden Age]], the city has endured millenia, its winding streets …

  • Amrik

    Although Amrik is also the name of an extant country on the east coast of the western continent, most people refer to the entirety of the continent as Amrik a well.

    For the nation known as Amrik, see [[Old Amrik]].

    Amrik, the …

  • City of the Bell

    The City of the Bell - sometimes just called "Bell" by locals - sits at the northernmost edge of the territory actually controlled by the writ of [[Old Amrik]] law.  As such, it has become a military garrison, with a complex sytem of …

  • Old Amrik

    Old Amrik - properly the Kingdom of Amrik - has faded greatly in the past centuries.  Once a mighty empire, it has now been reduced to large kingdom struggling to maintain its wealth and borders.  Old Amrik once incorporated the areas now …

  • Snowlands

    The Snowlands are a vast expanse of tundra and glacier beyond the city of [[Torrent]].  Although there are some villages and mines nearer to civilization, it doesn't take long to reach the wilder parts of the Snowlands, where death comes …

  • Raffenkirke

    The Duchy of Raffenkirke is part of the [[Old Amrik|Kingdom of Amrik]], and is perhaps best-known as the home of [[Ballymoor]], the 'City of Thieves'.

    The ducal livery of Raffenkirke consists of a purple field with a black crow.